Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm are criminal defense lawyers who only accept criminal defense cases in SC. We have offices in Columbia, SC, and Myrtle Beach SC.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

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The criminal defense attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm have obtained dismissals, pre-trial diversion resulting in dismissals, or acquittals following trial in hundreds of cases.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC

An overview of criminal law in SC and common types of criminal defense cases handled by the attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm including violent crimes, drug crimes, property crimes, DUI, traffic offenses, PCRs, and criminal appeals.Learn More »

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is sc death penalty unconstitutional sc constitution corporal punishment cruel and unusual

Is SC’s Death Penalty Unconstitutional? Did You Know that the SC Constitution Prohibits “Corporal” Punishment?

Is South Carolina's death penalty unconstitutional? A SC judge has held that execution by firing squad and execution by electrocution violate SC’s Constitution, although the court’s Order does not invalidate execution by lethal injection. The court cites many reasons for the unconstitutionality of execution by firing squad or by the electric chair, but the most ...

what is a preliminary hearing in SC criminal defense lawyers in columbia and myrtle beach

What is a Preliminary Hearing in SC?

A preliminary hearing in SC is a “probable cause” hearing where a magistrate will decide whether there was probable cause for your arrest. If there was no probable cause for your arrest, 1) you should not have been charged in the first place, and 2) the magistrate should dismiss your charges at your preliminary hearing ...


Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Laws in SC

What are the self-defense laws in SC, and does SC have a “stand your ground” law? Although these are issues that we raise as defenses in criminal trials for murder or assault charges, every person needs to know and understand the rules for self-defense in their state. If you know the rules and follow them ...


What is Mutual Combat in SC?

Mutual combat in SC can be a confusing subject – I’ve had people ask me several times, “is mutual combat a defense in my case?” The answer is no – mutual combat in SC is not a defense. If you get into a fight with someone and it’s mutual, with both sides willingly participating, that ...