Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm are criminal defense lawyers who only accept criminal defense cases in SC. We have offices in Columbia, SC, and Myrtle Beach SC.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Representative Cases

The criminal defense attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm have obtained dismissals, pre-trial diversion resulting in dismissals, or acquittals following trial in hundreds of cases.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC

An overview of criminal law in SC and common types of criminal defense cases handled by the attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm including violent crimes, drug crimes, property crimes, DUI, traffic offenses, PCRs, and criminal appeals.Learn More »

SC Criminal Defense Blog: Trial Theory

Columbia, SC Criminal Defense Lawyers
Myrtle Beach, SC Criminal Defense Attorneys
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Open Container Laws in SC

What are the open container laws in SC? Alcohol possession, use, and transport are heavily regulated in our state, and there are several criminal offenses in SC that are related to open containers or other alcohol violations. In this article, we will go over some of the more common criminal charges that result from alcohol ...


CDL Disqualification – How Does a Traffic Conviction Affect a Commercial Driver’s License?

Can a traffic offense result in CDL disqualification? How does a DUI, implied consent violation, or other traffic conviction affect your CDL (commercial driver’s license)? In many cases, your CDL may be suspended (disqualified) for first offense “major” offenses and even for minor second offense traffic violations. This means that, if you have a CDL, ...


SC Law on Citizen’s Arrest

Can you make a citizen’s arrest in SC? People across the country are complaining about Stand Your Ground laws and how they encourage the murder of people of color by white vigilantes… these people complaining have clearly not seen SC’s citizen’s arrest laws. SC law does authorize citizen’s arrests, and, in many cases, it also ...

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