Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm are criminal defense lawyers who only accept criminal defense cases in SC. We have offices in Columbia, SC, and Myrtle Beach SC.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

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The criminal defense attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm have obtained dismissals, pre-trial diversion resulting in dismissals, or acquittals following trial in hundreds of cases.Learn More »
Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia SC Myrtle Beach SC

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC

An overview of criminal law in SC and common types of criminal defense cases handled by the attorneys at the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm including violent crimes, drug crimes, property crimes, DUI, traffic offenses, PCRs, and criminal appeals.Learn More »

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just because you did it doesn't mean you're guilty reasonable doubt

Just Because You Did It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty – Criminal Law 101

Just because you did it doesn’t mean you’re guilty… People are still talking about this billboard, and they are mostly describing it as “sleazy” or “unethical” lawyer advertising. Is it “lowering the bar,” though? Non-criminal defense attorneys might think so – you know, the ones in the white-collar firms who would never take one of ...

marijuana while pregnant weed cbd child abuse lawyers in columbia sc and myrtle beach sc

You Should Smoke Marijuana While Pregnant Because It is Beneficial to Your Child

According to thousands of mothers across the United States of America, smoking marijuana while pregnant has helped them stay healthy during their pregnancies, helping them to gain weight and relieving symptoms of morning sickness, acid reflux, headaches, and dizziness. On the other hand, government researchers have said that marijuana use harms unborn children they don’t ...

jeroid price sentence reduction criminal defense lawyers in columbia sc

Jeroid Price’s Sentence Reduction – Why Did the SC Supreme Court Vacate the Order Reducing His Sentence?

Remember Jeroid Price's infamous sentence reduction? He was released from prison after his murder sentence was reduced in a “secret” order issued after a “secret” meeting between retired circuit court judge Casey Manning, Solicitor Byron Gipson of the Fifth Judicial Circuit (Judge Manning’s former law clerk), and defense attorney and Minority Leader of the House ...